BCS and Evergreen Middle Schools to Unify in fall 2018.

January 30, 2018

Dear Bellingham Christian School Community,

As many of you know, the conversation with Lynden Christian and Evergreen regarding how to effectively provide the highest quality Christian education possible in Bellingham began a few years ago. The conversation actually has a longer history because Evergreen and BCS were once one school.  Very recently, things have begun to fall into place so that actionable steps are possible.  These are hopeful times for Christian education in Bellingham. The first component as you’ll hear in the video (link below) is to bring our middle school students together on the BCS campus next year. We see this unification of our middle schools as the strategic first step in pursuing an exciting vision for growing Christian education in Bellingham, while developing a complimentary relationship with Lynden Christian Schools.

Announcement Video

There are a number of reasons to begin the unification process this fall.

  1. The BCS Foundation has been in the process of obtaining permits to develop our property in phases that will raise necessary funds to purchase land and build a building to house a joint BCS/ECS Christian school. The Foundation anticipates breaking ground on that development project this summer. The timing of the next phases of purchasing property, designing and building a new building will depend on the speed of development and success in selling the homes built on the developed property.
  2. The current middle school enrollment in both schools is at a point where the combined enrollment can maximize the use of space at BCS.
  3. Bringing the middle school students together will allow for greater social connections among students. Prospective and current parents of middle school students have expressed a desire for more opportunities to build friendships and prepare students for high school. We believe this unification will better meet those needs.

We are committed to making decisions based upon what is in the best interest of students and student learning.  Our conclusion is that a quality middle school education can best be provided by unifying the middle schools at the BCS campus as we continue to pray, plan and develop the vision for a new building and high school. Bringing together the best of both schools gives us the opportunity to improve the MS experience and grow towards a future vision. With unity in mind, we are rolling out a re-brand of the middle school using the Evergreen Eagle as a sports mascot, the dark green color and the BCS blue, white and silver.  The BCS Star logo will still represent the greater BCS community.

Thank you for your continued support as we seek to follow God’s will together.

In His Service,

Shawn Cunningham, Principal