Eighth Grade

8th Grade


Here are just a few of the things we do in eighth grade:

Our goals in eighth grade, among others, are to help kids explore algebra, cellular biology, mitosis, genetics, biblical creationism and biological evolution, microbiology, plant structure, and the worlds of vertabrates and invertabrates. We also read and discuss such novels as Call of the Wild and The Prince and the Pauper as part of our language arts program. For a more comprehensive overview of our eighth-grade curriculum, download the syllabus from the sidebar.

Five fun things about Eighth Grade

  1. Bible class and Algebra 1
  2. Retreats!
  3. Dissecting in science class
  4. Spanish 1
  5. Writing children’s stories

Academically they are expected to do more and my grand-kids are way ahead of the public school.” – grandparent