Here are just a few of the things we do in Kindergarten:

Our goals in Kindergarten, among others, are to help kids recognize numbers up to one hundred, begin telling time, do basic addition and subtraction, and acquire a strong phonics foundation in preparation for reading. By springtime, most children will be sounding out words and reading sentences. We also cultivate a love for God and the assurance that God loves them. For a more comprehensive overview of our Kindergarten curriculum, download the syllabus from the sidebar.

Five fun things about Kindergarten

  1. Field trip to Appel Farms to see calves and learn how cheese is made
  2. Memorizing Psalm 1
  3. Using computers during center time
  4. Bringing 100 items to class on the 100th day of school
  5. Learning to read and add

The whole of BCS is Christ centered and Gospel driven. We look forward to many more years for our kids.” – BCS parent