Preschool & Pre-K



Class Schedule 2017-2018:

Here are just a few of the things we do in Preschool and Pre-K:

Our goals in our preschool programs, among others, are to help kids develop small and large motor skills, memorize Bible verses, and recognize numbers, colors, shapes, and letters of the alphabet. We provide fun, engaging opportunities for preschoolers to explore and participate in hands-on learning within a biblical worldview that honors God and is kind and respectful to one another. For a more comprehensive overview of our Preschool & Pre-K curriculum, download a syllabus from the sidebar.

Five fun things about Preschool and Pre-K

  1. Field trip to Haggen on the WTA bus
  2. Learning Bible stories and songs
  3. Playing with playdough during center time
  4. Making May Day baskets
  5. Learning letter sounds and rhyming words

“When I first walked into BCS, the first thing I noticed was the joy on children’s faces. They are polite, they greet me with a kind “hello” and the joy of the Lord exists here. I love hearing and seeing the students actively engaged in worship and prayer.” -new parent