Seventh Grade

7th Grade


Here are just a few of the things we do in seventh grade:

Our goals in seventh grade, among others, are to help kids explore Earth sciences (including the Lithosphere, the atmosphere, the celestial sphere, the hydrosphere), publish students’ composition pieces, prepare for algebra, and become proficient at math involving area, volume, fractions, graphs, statistics and data analysis, and integers. For a more comprehensive overview of our seventh-grade curriculum, download the syllabus from the sidebar.

Five fun things about Seventh Grade

  1. Yearbook design and photography.
  2. Spanish 1
  3. Playing intramural basketball, tennis and soccer
  4. Art, home ec and finances electives.
  5. Winter retreat to Mt. Baker

BCS is a completely different learning and social environment for kids. They are truly loved and nurtured here.” – grandparent