Kris Chalfant - Math

Mrs. Chalfant teaches 8th grade algebra.

Mrs. Chalfant enjoys puzzles, quilting and reading.  She also collects math books, and finds it exciting to work through them.  She likes to go for walks with her husband of more than 40 years and their dog.  She has a son and a daughter who live locally.  She has seven grandchildren, who she watches play football, run track, ride horses, do gymnastics and many other activities. She has also taught children’s BSF classes and attended BSF.

Her favorite verses are Psalm 3:5-6, Romans 8:1-4 and Romans 12:1-2.  “The Psalm verse reminds me that I am limited and God is faithful and can be counted on. Romans 8 reminds me that I have been purchased and rescued at great cost to God. Romans 12 gives purpose to my life that comes from a God.”

God has gifted her with the ability to teach and her greatest joy, whether teaching God’s word or math, is to see the dawn of understanding in the eyes of a student.